About us

Founded in 2020, Property Portal is an innovative, groundbreaking real estate agency with a wholistic, person-centered approach.

Led by Michalis Psilogenis, MRICS and based in Nicosia, Cyprus, Property Portal aims to renovate and invigorate the real estate sector with the best possible services, informed by a groundbreaking approach to real estate and real estate management. Property Portal’s protocols are the latest in the international industry, designed to maximize value in service, optimize transparency and practices, and enhance efficiency in services rendered.

At Property Portal, we believe that the typical real estate broker that features frequently as a suit-wearing, jaded, tired clipboard toting person is an image of the past. Our aim is to breathe new passion into the industry by our novel approach to matching real estate with the ideal prospective owner.

We also aim to help our clients maximize the potential of their real estate, as well as the best possible conditions regarding renting and tenant relations.

At Property Portal, thorough research takes place after meaningful discussions with our clients. The aim is to know our client’s needs and wants first, so that we can then do custom-made research to yield the best possible matches in Cyprus for our client needs.

We specialize in shortlisting the prime cuts of available real estate as that is defined by our clients’ specifications, in both residential and commercial categories.

Guided by strict work ethic protocols and a clear mission to deliver for our client in a timely, efficient, and reliable manner, we apply state of the art techniques and technologies to yield superior services both in seeking out and managing real estate.

Our passion and love for real estate and our striving to help all our clients make the most out of their real estate (whether purchasing, selling, or renting it) is what sets us apart from conventional real estate services, and guarantees our clients the best possible, tangible, quality result.